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G5 Helps Mark-Taylor Achieve Lofty KPIs

After teaming up with G5, Mark-Taylor saw a 67% reduction in CPA in just four months without impacting volume

Finding a marketing partner that could keep up with their vision and deliver on performance expectations was a tall order for Arizona-based Mark-Taylor Companies. Their team had set ambitious KPIs to maximize digital advertising campaigns. Further, they wanted to substantially lower portfolio-wide cost-per-conversion (CPA) yet maintain the same quantity of conversions.

Mark-Taylor chose G5® and gained advanced technology that identifies the ad campaigns generating the greatest number of decision-ready-leads and prioritizes daily digital ad spend to the highest-performing campaigns.

The G5 team earned Mark-Taylor’s trust by consistently delivering top digital advertising performance, including a 67% reduction in CPA in just four months. G5 calls it probabilistic multitouch attribution. Mark-Taylor calls it lofty goals achieved. The case study gives all the details.

"By optimizing digital advertising, G5 helped take Mark-Taylor to new heights by facing each challenge with creativity and enthusiasm." - Dustin Lacey, Vice President of Brand & Marketing, Mark-Taylor Companies

g5 helps mark-taylor achieve lofty kpis

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