Business Intelligence

Eliminate time compiling data, and gain valuable daily insights into performance across your portfolio with precision multifamily intelligence.

Want to optimize portfolio oversight?

Business Intelligence

Drive Efficiency and Execution with Precision Portfolio Insight

Execute on objectives. Improve efficiency. Increase effectiveness. As the multifamily industry’s premier analytics solution, RealPage Business Intelligence accelerates your profitability through increased revenue and reduced expenses.

Gain valuable insight and clarity into performance across your portfolio. Immediately identify risk and opportunity, access contextualized analysis impacting the metrics that drive performance. From customizable dashboards, custom reporting and foundational reports to actionable scorecards, leverage the multifamily intelligence to find the answers when you need them and how you need them to maximize your returns.

  • Integrated with all major operating systems
  • Thousands of KPIs
  • Flexible customizable dashboards
  • Daily updates
  • Custom reporting with the most comprehensive and easy-to-use custom report writer in the industry
  • Drill-down capability, transaction-level granularity and integrated external data
  • 360-degree insight into key metrics including operational, marketing, demographic, facilities, screening, accounting and affordable compliance
  • Covers Conventional, Student, Senior and Affordable assets

Business Intelligence

RealPage Business Intelligence Delivers a Clearer View of Portfolio Performance

When Kerry Egelston of Griffis/Blessing chose RealPage Business Intelligence to replace spreadsheets and manual report consolidation, her entire team gained more efficient, accurate and flexible performance insights across properties and portfolios.

What They're Saying

"Our multifaceted partnership with RealPage in data analytics allows us to streamline our operations. While the business intelligence solution delivers actionable metrics and underlying details in an uncluttered manner, the performance analytics allows us to compare our performance with the market, improving our ability to identify any problem areas. Importantly, RealPage genuinely listens and works to solve the problems we face. A case in point is the recently developed functionality to track renovation project-related details, including ROI. RealPage has been a great partner!"

Patrick Bennett-Leonard
Austen Mount
Associate Director, Portfolio Management – TruAmerica Multifamily

"The RealPage data analytics team has created a great series of products that, along with portfolio-level KPI scorecard and benchmarking, allows us to focus on advancing our financial and asset strategy. The summary, as well as detailed, information, has made our portfolio analysis significantly more sophisticated, yet in a format that is easily consumed and manipulated. Beyond this, when we point out any needs or gaps, the RealPage team consistently goes above and beyond to help fix data issues, address these needs quickly and in collaboration with our group to ensure we have the best data available for both tactical and strategic decisions."

Patrick Bennett-Leonard
Sam Palmer
Executive Vice President of Asset Management and Development - Stonweg

“You have this great snapshot in one screen. You can customize the screen to show whatever data you want to see on a regular basis, in data or chart form— and it’s all real-time data.”

Patrick Bennett-Leonard
Patrick Bennett-Leonard
Legend Management Group

“RealPage® Business Intelligence has been a game changer. It’s created a completely different way for our regional managers to work. They can see their portfolios in a snapshot, drill down and look at different performance metrics to see the performance of their sites, evaluate trends and determine what they can focus on.”

Peter Barker
Peter Barker
President, Barker Management
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