Business Intelligence and Benchmarking

Know your score — and quickly pinpoint your plan of action — with RealPage’s precision Business Intelligence and holistic Benchmarking.

Want to optimize portfolio oversight?

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Execute on objectives. Improve efficiency. Increase effectiveness. As the multifamily industry’s premier analytics solution, RealPage Business Intelligence accelerates your profitability through increased revenue and reduced expenses. Gain valuable insight and clarity into performance across your portfolio. Immediately identify risk and opportunity, access contextualized analysis impacting the metrics that drive performance. From customizable dashboards, custom reporting and foundational reports to actionable scorecards, find the answers when you need them and how you need them to maximize your returns.


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  • Integrated with all major operating systems
  • Thousands of KPIs
  • Flexible customizable dashboards
  • Daily updates
  • Custom reporting with the most comprehensive and easy-to-use custom report writer in the industry
  • Drill-down capability, transaction-level granularity and integrated external data
  • 360-degree insight into key metrics including operational, marketing, demographic, facilities, screening, accounting and affordable compliance
  • Covers Conventional, Student, Senior and Affordable assets

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Business Intelligence

Know What to Look For

How do you know if one business intelligence system is better than another? How do you choose the best one for your business? Our free ebook, KNOW IT ALL: SIX FEATURES YOUR BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE NEEDS TO OUTSMART THE COMPETITION, tells you exactly what to look for.

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Performance Analytics Benchmarking

RealPage’s precision Benchmarking platform enables you to definitively answer the questions that surround external market performance. By providing real-time visibility into the performance of your portfolio against the RealPage dataset of over 12 million units of lease-transaction data, you’ll have the clarity necessary to make strategic decisions to help you dominate the market.

  • Benchmark dozens of revenue, expense, and operational metrics in real time
  • Integrated with all major operating systems
  • Daily updates
  • Normalized metrics across multiple property management systems
  • Aggregation from portfolio down to unit-level granularity
  • Navigate same-store performance MoM, QoQ, YoY
  • Benchmark performance internally and externally
  • Browser and device agnostic for accessibility almost anywhere
Business Intelligence

What They’re Saying

Swapnil Agarwal
Swapnil Agarwal
Founder and Managing Principle Nitya Capital, Karya Property Management

“Other critical benefits to the RealPage suite are the business intelligence, performance analytics, benchmarking and reporting that help Nitya Capital make profitable decisions and keep investors informed. We can share financials, look at market trends and competitor activity and create custom reports that offer real insights into problems and opportunities. As a former investment banker I’m not afraid of numbers and I really appreciate having deep visibility into the portfolio.”

Patrick Bennett-Leonard
Patrick Bennett-Leonard
Legend Management Group

“You have this great snapshot in one screen. You can customize the screen to show whatever data you want to see on a regular basis, in data or chart form— and it’s all real-time data.”

Peter Barker
Peter Barker
President, Barker Management

“RealPage® Business Intelligence has been a game changer. It’s created a completely different way for our regional managers to work. They can see their portfolios in a snapshot, drill down and look at different performance metrics to see the performance of their sites, evaluate trends and determine what they can focus on.”

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