AIM for Limited Partners

For Limited Partners, the RealPage Asset & Investment Management (AIM) solution empowers you to manage the returns and performance of all your alternative assets against benchmarks.

See Things As They Really Are

As a Limited Partner, you’re always looking for better ways to gain visibility into your investments. RealPage’s Asset & Investment (AIM) Platform provides not only the information you’re interested in, but also the data to ensure you’re hitting those target benchmarks. Some of its most important tools are listed below.

Asset Investment Management

Portfolio Investment Management (PIM)

Another piece of the AIM platform is the Portfolio Investment Management (PIM) solution.

  • PIM is the solution that provides stakeholders with transparency into performance of their investments and allows them to measure results against investment objectives through data analysis.
  • PIM also supports other alternative investments giving you a wider view of all your assets.

Portfolio Asset Management

Portfolio Asset Management (PAM) is a reporting and collaboration platform that provides portfolio and data analysis to real estate owners.

  • It provides you with the transparency you need to manage the performance of all your alternative assets and help identify potential risks and opportunities.
  • PAM allows property managers and other key players to collaborate on vital information and statistics that can be shared with General Partners.
  • PAM allows your General Partner to share all of its analytics with you and other Limited Partners for further analysis.
  • PAM is also fully integrated with the Real Page Business Intelligence solution allowing you to incorporate operating metrics for all your PAM reports.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence accelerates profitability through increased revenue and reduced expenses. It allows you to:

  • Integrate with all major operating systems
  • See a robust library of Industry KPIs
  • Seamlessly manage flexible customizable dashboards
  • Generate custom reporting with the most comprehensive and easy-to-use custom report writer in the industry.
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