Asset and Investment Management

Put the Power of Asset and Investment Level Data at Your Fingertips

RealPage® AIM gives asset and portfolio managers the tools to identify opportunities, maximize returns and mitigate risk quickly.

Streamline Your Path to Improved Portfolio Performance

Maximize your portfolio's potential with RealPage AIM for dependable data, unparalleled visibility and faster insights to drive investment strategies and reduce time to value.

Find Out How AIM Can Help You Monitor and Manage Risk
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Amplified focus & efficiency

RealPage AIM combines AI and machine learning with transparent, intuitive reporting to provide reliable, trustworthy data and insight generation.

  • Data collection across multiple sources, formats and asset classes
  • Automated data ingestion, normalization and validation
  • Support for collaboration between property management and asset management functions
  • Customized reporting across a catalog of predefined and ad-hoc investment characteristics
  • Sharing of updated metrics via self-service, configurable dashboards
Simplify Income Verification

Enhanced value & confidence

RealPage AIM allows you to quickly combine and evaluate financial results and operating metrics that drive investment and asset management strategies.

The Most Complete Asset and Investment Management Solution

Enhance data visibility

RealPage AIM seamlessly integrates operating and financial data from multiple sources, providing timely visibility into all aspects of your portfolio — from cash flow and occupancy rates to leasing and renewal performance.

Normalization of financial data

RealPage AIM’s normalization simplifies the analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) across different investments, allowing you to identify top-performing assets and opportunities for improvement.

Data validation & governance

Robust validation technology, paired with collaborative governance reviews, helps RealPage AIM to ensure trustworthy data, minimizing the risks of erroneous financial, operational or attribute data.

Investment monitoring & risk management

With a consolidated view of your portfolio, RealPage AIM simplifies investment monitoring and performance tracking with easy access to asset performance data and financial metrics, helping you maximize returns and improve data-driven decision making.

Data capture & validation

Standard data integrations, streamlined data-loading technology and data capture capabilities that can easily expand and evolve with your requirements are critical to properly supporting your business. Combining this with extensive data validations ensures your data can be relied upon for the analyses required to fuel growth and enhance performance.

Powerful reporting & data visualization

RealPage AIM’s powerful reporting tools produce insightful reports and visualizations that clearly present complex data letting you easily communicate portfolio insights to stakeholders and enable more informed and collaborative decision making.

Accurate, Validated Data Provides Holistic Insights Across Your Entire Portfolio

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Data Collection Services (DCS): Added value & confidence

Our industry-leading, proprietary DCS technology and services provide a holistic approach to managing data collection, validation and aggregation from third-party managers and partners, providing high-level data quality and the ability to make critical investment decisions confidently.
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The tools to unleash the potential of your real estate investments

The AIM solution includes standard cubes, an Excel Add-In and Power BI visualizations that support self-serve data analysis, reporting and dashboarding to easily collect, validate, consolidate, and analyze your real estate and alternative investment data.
Seamlessly integrate and analyze multisource data, generate actionable insights, and make better investment decisions with RealPage AIM.

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