AIM for General Partners

For General Partners, the RealPage Asset & Investment Management (AIM) solution utilizes data in unique ways to hyper focus your ability to hit target benchmarks.

Unlimited Views Provide the Whole Picture

These are the features that General Partners themselves say provide them with the most value.

Portfolio Investment Management (PIM)

The final piece of the AIM platform is the Portfolio Investment Management (PIM) solution.

  • PIM is the solution that provides your stakeholders with transparency into performance of their investments and allows them to measure results against investment objectives through data analysis.
  • It provides your Limited Partners with the information they require without taking you away from your many other responsibilities.
  • PIM also supports other alternative investments allowing your Limited Partners to have a wider view of all their assets in relation to those you manage.

Portfolio Asset Management

Portfolio Asset Management (PAM) is a reporting and collaboration platform that provides portfolio and data analysis to real estate owners.

  • PAM works with any operational platform you choose and can include information such as trial balances, occupancy, and traffic and can be configured using the metrics of your choice.
  • PAM allows your property manager and other key players to add agreed-upon information and vital statistics before elevating the results to the Asset Manager or directly to you.
  • PAM can be shared with all key stakeholders, including your Limited Partners, for further analysis.
  • PAM is also fully integrated with the RealPage Business Intelligence solution allowing you to incorporate operating metrics for all your PAM reports.

Asset Investment Management

Business Intelligence

Designed with General Partners in mind, RealPage Business Intelligence is the multifamily industry’s premier analytics solution. It accelerates your profitability through increased revenue and reduced expenses.

It allows you to:

  • Integrate with all major operating systems
  • See a robust library of Industry KPIs
  • Seamlessly manage flexible customizable dashboards
  • Generate custom reporting with the most comprehensive and easy-to-use custom report writer in the industry.

Investment Accounting

Another solution within the AIM platform is the Investment Accounting solution, which is designed to collect, share, report and analyze real estate portfolio data with PAM.

It allows you to:

  • Streamline your accounting functions and maximize your portfolio returns while managing costs.
  • Tailor to the specific accounting needs of your organization and help you navigate the dynamic financial complexities often correlated with real estate investments.
  • Simplify consolidations, capital transactions, financial statements and track and measure profit center performance.
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