Asset & Investment Management

The one real estate investment platform that grows as you go, all while delivering a low total cost of ownership.

Better Intelligence. Smarter Investment Decisions.

Three innovative tools to help you manage the complex with ease.

For general partners, limited partners, and other real estate investment firms, the RealPage® Asset & Investment Management (AIM) suite of solutions delivers the scalability, ease of use, and functionalities needed to make informed business decisions. Designed to work with any property management system you may already be using, the AIM suite is a robust, cost-effective business tool built to accommodate a wide variety of asset types, helping to align the unique real estate team across the lifecycle of the assets.

Data aggregation: the foundation of AIM.

At its foundation, the AIM solution suite features data aggregation services, designed to help align the unique real estate team across the board; this includes general partners, limited partners, property managers, and owners. This collaborative tool uses workflow and data submission configurations to allow the property management team to utilize existing systems to submit required property financial and operating metrics to advisors and investors. Think of it as the backbone of the entire AIM ecosystem.

Alan James
SVP Commercial and Investments

“The fact that investors and general partners can easily integrate these solutions into the way they already conduct business is a big plus.”

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Measure Asset Performance Across Your Portfolio From One Dashboard

Portfolio Asset Management Overview – PAM

See how PAM collects property-level financial and operational data helping you make better investment decisions and realize higher returns across your entire multifamily real estate portfolio.

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Property Asset Management Made Easy

Having complete visibility into property operational and financial performance is crucial to making the most effective—and profitable—business decisions. In this informative webcast, you’ll find out about the 7 key metrics for property health and how the right portfolio management software solution helps identify weaknesses and drive profits.

For asset managers, this is a must-attend webcast, pertinent to any and all asset classes—commercial, conventional multifamily, affordable, senior and student.

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Dive Deep Into Your Portfolio With Powerful On-Demand Analytics

RealPage Portfolio Asset Management gives you the tools you need and offers features that support the relationships, reporting and diverse technology unique to your business.

Maximize Profitability with RealPage Investment Accounting

Quick and easy to implement, Investment Accounting works with all property accounting systems, offering one robust solution for multiple asset classes.

Accelerate Efficiency with RealPage Exponential Reporting

For small to mid-sized commercial property management companies, the fastest way to increase efficiency, accuracy and productivity is with RealPage Exponential Reporting.

Property Management Accounting with Exponential Reporting

Streamline your financial reporting process. Design and produce financial reports and analytics for every stakeholder, when and how you want them.

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