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Resident Screening Reimagined

RealPage ® Artificial Intelligence (AI) Screening is more than just a credit score on the ability to pay—it’s a revolutionary understanding of the applicant’s willingness to pay. Discover a more in-depth level of screening residents and managing risk.

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Reduce Bad Debt and Financial Loss

Only RealPage AI Screening

  • Leverages the power of AI and machine learning to deliver a predictive scoring model built to meet the needs of the multifamily industry
  • Integrates seamlessly with your rental application and leasing process, no matter which property management system you’re using
  • Leverages the proprietary RealPage rental history database of over 30 million lease outcome records
  • Provides Risk Advisory Services to help you optimize your risk thresholds with regular performance reporting and benchmarking

Proven to reduce bad debt and financial loss by an average estimated savings of $39 per unit per year.

Proof of bottom-line savings for operators and investors.

Study reveals that improvement in accuracy of assessing applicant risk results in a value to AI Screening user of $39 per unit per year.

An Unbiased Addition to Your Team

Boost your competitive advantage

Your competitors rely on rules-based scoring models, by far the least sophisticated method of predicting a resident’s future rent-pay performance. RealPage AI Screening gives you the advantage of more accurately selecting the most appropriate residents for your property.

Trust our data

Only RealPage has the powerful combination of AI technology with behavioral and payment data from more than 30 million rental records, generating more reliable results.

Fair Housing Compliance

RealPage AI Screening utilizes multiple data points to predict rental performance based on past behavior, NOT demographic data, so you remain unbiased in your determinations.

There is no bigger test of AI Screening’s ability to help predict a renter’s willingness to prioritize their rent obligation over others than a global pandemic. While we were unsure of what to expect during such an uncertain situation, we ended April at a much improved 1.7% delinquency with AI Screening in place.

Kortney Balas
Vice President of Information Management, JVM

Leading PMCs have realized up to a 59% reduction in skips and eviction

Reduce bad debt by an average of $39 per unit per year

Leverage data calibrated across 30M+ real lease outcomes

Screening Strategies for an Evolving World

For multifamily property owners and operators in 2020 and beyond, reducing bad debt and driving higher occupancy and revenue will depend on a technologically advanced, data-driven and easy-to-use resident screening solution.

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