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Screening Strategies for an Evolving World

Learn how to reduce bad debt by better predicting who may—or may not—be a risky renter.

How can you best evolve to meet shifting economic factors, increasing instances of fraud, and other external forces beyond your immediate control in your quest to mitigate financial risk?  

For multifamily property owners and operators in 2020 and beyond, reducing bad debt and driving higher occupancy and revenue will depend on a technologically advanced, data-driven and easy-to-use resident screening solution.

RealPage® Screening allows you to:

  • Reduce bad debt, early terminations and skips and evictions
  • Assess not only the ability to pay rent but the willingness to pay
  • Access the industry’s largest rental payment database
  • Leverage comprehensive identity verification data
  • Seamlessly integrate with your current property management system
  • And much more

Read more about how RealPage Screening is addressing and solving the issue of credit-risky and fraudulent renters to help you reduce financial risk and boost revenue and occupancy.

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screening strategies for an evolving world

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