Artificial Intelligence Screening

RealPage® Artificial Intelligence (AI) Screening is more than just a credit score and the ability to pay—it’s about the willingness to pay. Reduce bad debt and financial loss by an average of $31 per unit per year with the industry’s first—and only—AI-enabled scoring model.

RealPage has uncovered $400 million in bad debt*—and you reap all the benefits.

Developed by the RealPage Screening and Data Science teams, this first-of-its-kind, industry-disrupting screening solution was purpose-built to predict both an applicant’s capability and their willingness to pay rent—resulting in a much stronger prediction of future performance and renter behavior. Using this new leading-edge, AI-based screening algorithm along with behavioral data, RealPage AI Screening precisely analyzes your applicant pool from our proprietary rental history database of over 30M records.

Everyone else is using the same thing, but RealPage AI Screening is the first true differentiator for the industry.

Brian Brantley
Brian Brantley
Director of IT, Matrix Residential

Access expert analysis of 13M+ units of rental and financial data

Reduce bad debt by an average of $31 per unit/year

Leverage data calibrated across 30M+ real lease outcomes

Tested. Proven. Unequaled.

ONLY RealPage AI Screening:

  • Provides this revolutionary AI-based predictive scoring model built specifically for the multifamily industry
  • Integrates seamlessly with your rental application and leasing process, no matter what property management system you’re using
  • Leverages the RealPage rental history database of over 30M lease outcome records
  • Offers Risk Advisory Services to help you optimize your risk thresholds and provide regular performance reporting and benchmarking

Going from a statistical screening model to AI Screening is like jumping from an old rusty bike to a sleek, fast motorcycle. AI Screening looks for renters who don’t leave bad debt and lets the data tell us which renters are the best prospects for Camden.

James Flick
Director of Revenue Management, Camden

Knock Out Bad Debt and Financial Loss with AI Screening

Discover revolutionary predictive power with RealPage AI Screening, the industry’s first AI-enabled scoring model.

An Easy Addition to Your Team.

Minimize operational impact

Just activate and go. Leverage a proven, best-in-class screening model designed to work with your preferred leasing and property management system with minimal need for change management.

Boost your competitive advantage

While your competitors are still relying on rules-based scoring models—by far the least sophisticated method of predicting a resident’s future rent-pay performance—you’ll have the advantage of RealPage AI Screening before all the others.

Trust our data

Our powerful combination of AI technology with behavioral and payment data from more than 30 million rental records generates more reliable results—and more consistent performance—than traditional screening tools can provide.

Decrease skips and evictions

RealPage AI Screening is proven to save our clients millions of dollars in NOI and billions in asset valuation.

Ensure Fair Housing Compliance

RealPage AI Screening utilizes a multitude of data points to better predict rental performance based on past behavior NOT demographic data.

Leverage Risk Advisory Services

Time with our consultants is included with RealPage AI Screening to provide ongoing support and prove that AI Screening is saving your property and portfolio from the decisions that drive bad debt.

*Calculated from RealPage research showing AI Screening reduces bad debt by an average of $31 per unit per year. Spread across all multifamily units, this equates to approximately $400M
How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Resident Screening
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Save $31/unit/year with RealPage AI Screening