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5 Ways ESG Is Changing Multifamily Utility Management

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What’s your portfolio's ESG strategy? If upper management hasn’t asked you about it, they will soon.

In this webcast, you'll learn about the current Environmental Social Governance (ESG) trends in multifamily and why it’s important to those managing utilities. This includes challenges and best practices, as well as what utility managers need to know to manage information requests. ESG gained popularity in Europe and has quickly spread to the U.S. through demands from European investors. American portfolio investors have quickly adopted ESG practices and demanded that their investments have ESG policies in place.

Gathering the data and managing the projects ESG requires can be a challenge. Learn what to look for when choosing a partner. The ESG support industry is fragmented and in its early stages, but market forces are quickly driving efficiencies and consolidation.

In addition, a 2020 survey by AMLI Residential revealed that 83% of residents believe living in a green apartment is beneficial to their health. Residents chose fresh air initiatives, energy-efficiency savings on utilities, and smoke-free living as their top 3 green features. ESG is a mechanism to prove to residents that properties are indeed green.

Mary Nitschke

Vice President, Sustainability, RealPage, Inc.

Mary Nitschke joined RealPage as Vice President of Sustainability in 2019. Previously she was the Director of Ancillary Services for the award-winning Prometheus Real Estate Group, Inc, where she had the privilege of managing both the resident costs and expense sides of the utility wheelhouse.

Mary is passionate about utilities, and should perhaps switch to decaf. She was the first president of the Utility Management Advisory board, possesses an Energy Resource Management Certificate from UC Davis, and two Bachelors of Art from UC Berkeley.

Carol Schmitt

Chief Evangelist ESG and Energy, RealPage, Inc.

Carol Schmitt joined RealPage as Chief Evangelist for Smart Energy in June 2021 with a mission to help owners, operators, investors and residents accelerate their shift to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. She previously was the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions, one of the country’s largest non-regulated renewable energy and efficiency providers. Prior to that, Carol led product, marketing and partnerships for internet of things (IoT) platform, cybersecurity and big data analytics technology companies. Carol enjoys geeking out around new clean energy technologies, electrification, microgrids and ways to shift to Net Zero faster. She is a certified Sustainability (ESG) Practitioner, has multiple certifications in clean energy finance, and is a board member of the Occidental Community Services District as well as a former Board Member of the USGBC Green Schools Council and multiple nonprofits.

5 Ways ESG Is Changing Multifamily Utility Management

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5 Ways ESG Is Changing Multifamily Utility Management

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