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RealPage Payments Services (RPPS), ResidentDirect allows you to offer to the payment options your residents demand.  Every month, 6-7% of residents choose to make a rent payment with a credit card.

You’d like to offer this option, however the credit card fees of 2-3% are just too expensive. But now you can offer credit card payment options to residents and have them pay the transaction costs!  No longer worry about the fees or hassle of managing credit card transactions.  And, when you use RealPage – you do it legally and without having to worry about rules and regulations!

The other guys may tell you “don’t worry about the rules and regulations” and “we’ve got you covered if there’s a problem,” so why worry? Because they can’t back any of it up. Unlike the other guys, RealPage took the time and spent the millions of dollars necessary to ensure we are an approved and licensed Money Services Business with both the US Department of the Treasury and state banking regulators.

We posted the bonds, funded the cash reserves, implemented the money laundering detection systems, implemented OFAC screening, and completed the banking controls and ¬financial audits to operate as a non-bank ¬financial institution.

Our system takes away the burden associated with managing convenience fees and card fees reduces the risks associated with federal and state laws, and removes underwriting roadblocks . We eliminate all of the hassle and the confusion of managing resident payment processing. 
Keep yourself, and your residents happy with ResidentDirect. 

To learn more vist RealPage Payments: Collecting Rent Online: It’s All About Options


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