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Become a 100% Paperless Office with Lockbox

Streamline rent collections, reduce risk of theft and fraud and better manage costs with Lockbox.

Lockbox removes the handling and processing of in-office paper payments while still allowing your residents the freedom and security of paying by check or money order. Lockbox is an integrated Payments solution, which means automating your check collection workflow is quick and easy.

Because Lockbox minimizes manual touchpoints and handles the complexities and risks of payment processing, your site staff can save hours of valuable time, minimize mistakes and focus on higher-value work instead of the time-consuming task of manual check scanning.

Lockbox delivers simplicity and security for property site and operations staff:

  • Reduces risk of theft and fraud and supports contactless operations
  • Reduces or eliminates paper payment processing
  • Speeds up the collections process
  • Delivers visibility into your payment ledger because payments are all posted in the same place

Find out how Lockbox can help you become a 100% payment-less office. Watch the video now!

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