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Ensure Compliance While Making Your Payments System More Secure

Enhancing your Account Validation, Transaction Risk Monitoring and Consumer ID Verification Processes.

Fraud and payment security continue to be issues for multifamily operators of all sizes. Learn how RealPage® helps make your payments system more secure while ensuring compliance with applicable U.S. banking laws, credit card and payment industry regulations, and guidelines. This informative video with RealPage SVP Nancy Crouch Morlini touches on three key topics:

Account Validation
Reduce the number of returns and fraudulent behavior with web debit account validation. The RealPage back-end verification system proactively verifies new online bank account information in real time, helping you identify and mitigate risk as well as meet regulatory and compliance needs.

Transaction Risk Monitoring
Easily identify negative trends and possible misuse of payment systems by employees and residents through automated monitoring software. Watch Video.

Consumer ID Verifications Processes (IDV)
When residents create new online card or ACH payment accounts, Consumer IDV will validate the payor’s address and identity, helping to protect you from bad actors and synthetic identities preventing costly chargebacks and lost rent payments.

Mitigate risk and minimize exposure with a more secure and compliant payments system.

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