Maximize the Value of Heads on Beds

Make the most of each bed with a powerful mix of Marketing, Leasing and Living solutions that maximize your connection with prospects and students.

Renter Engagement Software for Student Housing

Student renters just aren’t the same as most conventional renters. Their motivations, leasing windows and even guarantors are different than conventional. It’s only natural that they have their own unique platform. RealPage® Student Renter Engagement helps Student owners and operators make data-driven decisions to maximize the value of their heads on beds.

RealPage Renter Engagement covers all of your connections, from prospects to residents. You’ll reach more Student prospects, capture more leads, convert more renters and retain more student residents next year, all while driving record performance from your team. RealPage Student Renter Engagement puts you at the head of the class, year after year.

Join the Movement to RealPage Student Renter Engagement

Get everything you need for marketing your properties, leasing to student renters and making their living experience exceptional with RealPage Renter Engagement.

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Student Marketing

Student websites, rich content, photography, 3D graphics and reputation management


Student Leasing

Lease management, with prospect communications, screening, online leasing and insurance


Student Living

Student community portal that manages communications, maintenance, payments and more


Connect More With Student Residents and Prospects

Stand out, capture more Student prospects and connect with quality leads, all while measuring performance.

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Marketing Communications Tools

Achieving your leasing goals means making a connection with student prospects before—and better—than your competitors do. RealPage Student Marketing makes you memorable, with powerful marketing tools like content-rich branded websites, next-generation reputation management, eye-capturing images, CRM and a dashboard that brings it all together.


RealPage Go Direct Marketing is eye-catching, user-friendly, and customizable with industry-leading communications tools designed to attract and convert prospects. We offer:

  • Mobile-first functionalities and conversion-centric tools that get results.
  • Consultative branding teams to take their web properties to the next level.
  • Flexibility to use with any property management software.

Content Services

RealPage Content Services demand attention from your tech-savvy prospects.

  • 3D virtual tours and interactive floorplans explore rooms, furniture layouts and more
  • Cinematic story books with a unique mix of motion, photography, and music
  • Clear, concise targeted copy that informs and persuades
  • Nationwide network of professional property photographers

Business- and People-Friendly Marketing

RealPage’s eye catching, user-friendly, customized, sophisticated Student website designs offer:

  • Use filters to mass email and text prospects, applicants, residents and guarantors.
  • Schedule emails + texts for drip marketing campaigns.
  • Target with geofencing—ad management based on your prospect’s location
  • Leverage our 24/7 Contact Center to answer questions and set up visits.

Marketing Center

Manage, measure and execute all marketing activities in one single platform,

  • Centralize all community data for posting across ILS partners
  • Dashboards show which marketing sources are converting
  • Monitor online reviews to better manage your online reputation
Use RealPage Student Marketing to stand out with leads and prospects.
Meeting the Expectations of Gen Z Student Renters

Get Really Easy Leasing for the Really Real World

Use a leasing solution that makes leasing season manageable, with an end-to-end online leasing platform that offers an 86%+ adoption rate.

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Leasing Software for Student Housing

With a complete, lead—to lease, industry—leading lease management platform that is the most flexible in the industry, you can’t help but put more heads on beds. RealPage Student Leasing was built with 100% Student operator guidance and provides a complete path to lease completion.


Conduct background checks on residents and guarantors a flexible scoring engine that lets you calculate the dollar value of risk associated with an applicant’s score

Certified Documents

Instead of wasting hours and hours on compliance and lease reviews, let RealPage manage your leases in all 50 states with a $1 million dollar lease guarantee.

Renters Insurance

Protect your property from student mishaps and damage

Online Renewals

Renew students with automated, tiered pricing or a revenue management approach—with features built by and for Student operators to save hours when extending offers.

Prospect Emails

Send mass customized emails and texts, with a drip marketing scheduler to automate the process.

24/7 Communication

Capture every prospect leasing call and maintenance request that comes to your community—24/7—with RealPage Contact Center.

Flexible Terms

Set up multiple installment terms, move in/move out dates and floorplan styles, on demand, to cover any Student leasing scenario.


Seamless, unified customer management built for and by the Student Housing market, with targeted communications via email, text and around-the-clock contact center.

RealPage Student Leasing covers all of your leasing bases with ease.

Get 86-92% conversion with RealPage. Learn How!
Top Universities for Rent Growth in 2018

Connect With Residents and Watch It Pay

Create a more connected community for your student residents and a powerful communication tool for your staff.

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Living Software for Student Housing

The key to retaining more student residents is by building a connected living experience—from the moment prospects first contact you until after they leave your community. First, RealPage Student Living helps your student residents connect with each other prior to move in for potential roommate matching; then, again with your leasing team during move-in; and it continues to engage your student renters for as long as they’re members in the community.

The hub of all activity starts with RealPage ActiveBuilding™ Concierge, the resident portal that serves as your community’s central meeting point.

Resident Benefits:

  • Communicate with each other in the safety of their own community.
  • Make payments locally, domestically or internationally, parent or student.
  • Receive notifications on package deliveries
  • Submit maintenance requests, 24/7, via the ActiveBuilding App or website.
  • Pay on one integrated platform with all major payment options—credit, debit, checks, ACH, phone payments and money orders
  • A single itemized bill allows payment of both rent and utilities

Make the connection to improved resident retention, increased collections and better reviews with RealPage Student Living. Your residents and investors will thank you.

Discover the power of an engaged community with Student Living.