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Stay ahead of the curve by knowing precisely where you stand, with the only analytics platform dedicated to Student Housing.

Asset Optimization for Student Housing

Are you on track to meet your Student Housing occupancy goals? When’s the best time to offer concessions? How do your Student assets compare to competitors? RealPage® Student Asset Optimization answers these questions and more. View pre-lease percentages, forecasts and KPIs down to the bed level. Get critical transactional data, flexible reporting and unmatched scale and depth of data from this powerful, all-in-one platform.

More than that, RealPage Student Asset Optimization offers the immeasurable value of deep industry knowledge from a team you won’t find anywhere else. With decades of experience in Student Housing property management, they’re well-respected and widely known throughout the industry. They understand the volatility and potential of Student Housing from personal experience.

From marketing analytics to business intelligence, our experienced team and advanced asset optimization tools will activate your Student business’ true potential.


Market analytics with proprietary research across hundreds of markets


Student Revenue Management

A learning database that provides guidance on rents, concessions and more


Student Business Intelligence

A 360-degree view of your assets with insights, KPIs and custom dashboards


AxioStudent Market Analytics for Student Housing

Built for Student owners, operators, developers and investors who want the answers that will give them a competitive edge, RealPage AxioStudent is unmatched in the marketplace. With proprietary research across more than 600 markets, rankings and six-year forecasts on 175 universities, plus enrollment, supply, rent growth, occupancy and more at 300 universities nationwide, AxioStudent gives you incredibly in-depth, purpose-built Student Housing analytics in a variety of categories.

Get in-depth analytics, complete with reports covering all the metrics you need to make the right Student investment choices. Unique capabilities include:

  • Comprehensive monthly reporting
  • Flexible interface allowing customization and visualization of data
  • Key performance metrics
  • Detailed data on supply and demand, current and future metrics, across entire industry
  • University-specific information like date of build, proximity to campus, occupancy per floorplan and per bed, amenities and rent concessions
Sample Report
See a stunning example of the level of detailed market information that AxioStudent reports provide

Revenue Management for Student Housing

With a tight sales cycle and a big annual leasing window, pricing for Student Housing can be more than a challenge. Leverage RealPage Student Revenue Management and you’ll have a vast, Student-focused database, with the numbers you need to proactively adjust rents, modify concessions and forecast the upcoming leasing season as a whole (rather than one day at a time).

Over time, you’ll build a carefully constructed data-based pricing strategy that never stops evolving. RealPage Student Revenue Management replaces traditional occupancy rates with intelligent pricing—based on hard data—that readjusts to reflect the market throughout the year, giving you additional accuracy. And it literally becomes smarter with every lease it tracks, year to year, leasing season to leasing season, so that your Student pricing strategy grows with your business. Get your pricing right—by the bed or by the unit—with RealPage Student Revenue Management.

Business Intelligence for Student Housing

If you want the advantage of more upward movement from your Student assets, you’ll need the measurement and the metrics, both operational and competitive. With RealPage Business Intelligence for Student, the only product of its kind, you’ll have the internal insights you need to make the decisions that will keep your business heading in the right direction. With daily updates across your portfolio, you can stay updated and make adjustments during your fast-moving, business-critical leasing window.

RealPage’s superior Student Business Intelligence tools include a 360-degree view of your assets’ health and performance, reviewing your data at practically any level of aggregation with:

  • Student-specific measurements
  • Student-specific key performance indicators
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Automated report delivery
  • Custom reporting and ad hoc analysis
  • Portfolio aggregations at any level

RealPage Business Intelligence for Student puts the focus on maximizing profit from each and every bed, and accelerates the value of your portfolio by transforming your data into real, actionable intelligence. READ MORE