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Imagine a student housing software solution that can manage all your student properties’ and students’ needs, all on one complete software platform.

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A Solution that Adapts to Your Unique Needs

We speak student and we know that student housing management is its own unique challenge. The constant turn, late-night maintenance requests, roommate matching, and shared rent payment responsibility are all unique in the student housing market. Luckily, we know this and can help you increase student and parental satisfaction and make life easier for your staff too.

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Property Management Built for You

RealPage® Student Housing Property Management software helps you get all the insights you need to keep your turn in motion. Preleasing gives you visibility into traffic, leases, and return/renewing students and our automatic guest cards import or automate the feed from the university system to meet university housing requirements.

Of course, we have bulk move in and move out that includes unit assignments, waitlist, renewal offers, final account statement, give notice, move outs, and maintenance orders. We also give you the ability to lease buy the bed or unit.


Online Leasing Built for Them

Online Leasing from RealPage Student Living covers it all. And we mean all. Students and their guarantors can see the floorplan, get instant quotes, be screened, find a roommate and sign the lease…all online. All of this is done in real-time and feedback is given immediately so the users can make the necessary changes to get approved. Once that’s all set, RealPage Payments enables everyone to pay rent online.


Provide Everyone with an End-To-End Payments System

Give students and parents 24-hour access to secure online payment options including credit cards. Our system lets them set up and schedule automatic payments, eliminating trips to the leasing office and check processing for your staff. Which means parents won’t have to worry about lost checks or late rent payments; increasing rent collections for you and allows you to take international payments as well.


Communication is Everything to Parents, Staff, and Students

Our Resident Portal helps you provide students with a sense of community and instant access to their rental information. Whether they are up early to attend class or pulling an all-nighter, they can sign onto the portal and report maintenance issues, renew their lease, make payments and socialize. Plus, your staff can send out communications to the entire site or individual units so no one misses out.

Then add a 24/7/365 contact center to handle every call so your staff can concentrate on the turn! All of this lets parents and students complete the entire leasing process online from anywhere and on any device making everyone happier on move-in day.


Keep Move-In Moving

No one likes to wait, especially if they are trying to move in, move out or want something fixed. Our Mobile Facilities App helps with the turn, bulk move-in and move-out, and those late-night maintenance requests. Your staff gets real-time notifications so they can complete more tasks, faster. The Mobile Facilities App also allows for quick inspections of common areas, as well as bed spaces, and instantly updates charges to the core property management system. It’s all just a simple mobile-click away.


Remove the Possibility of Human Error

Leasing and Rents Student allows you to customize account receivable settings to remove human error around fees, manual postings, corrections. You can also automate most common tasks such as posting of concessions/late fees/notice fees which can helps you bring in more ancillary income while controlling what users can and cannot do in these areas.


Don’t Sacrifice Revenue for Occupancy

Student housing is usually a case of perpetual lease-up and managing it presents unique needs and scenarios that conventional multifamily doesn’t generally experience. As you get closer to closing the Turn there is a “race to the bottom” and that will get you the occupancy you want but will it bring in the revenues you need?

YieldStar® Revenue Management can do a lot more than raise and lower prices; it can provide opportunities to improve revenues, increase pricing controls and enhance your pricing decision based on pure analytics.

Student Properties Outperform the Market Up to 14%

This joint case study conducted by RealPage and Campus Advantage® examines seven active properties in six geographically diverse university markets during the 2017-2018 leasing season that outperformed their market using RealPage Revenue Management and RealPage AxioStudent.

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Student Housing: The Latest Lessons

Drive consistent Student Housing performance during Spring leasing season.

The data from today’s Student Housing market has significant lessons that will affect your day-to-day decision making, near-term revenue performance and long-term investment strategies.

Get the right information for the right market perspective. Let RealPage experts show you how unbiased, data-based insights can bring clarity to the Student Housing market. You’ll also get a top architect’s perspective on this rapidly-evolving asset class.

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