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Take charge of purchasing, invoicing, and managing vendors. The right tools are all right here.

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Spend Management

Keep Property Spend Under Control

It’s amazing how much more productive and efficient your business becomes when purchasing, invoicing, and vendor activities are streamlined. With RealPage® Spend Management software solutions, your portfolio’s entire P.O. and approval process is automated with real time visibility into spending against your budget. Invoice processing becomes infinitely easier, more accurate, and timelier. And working with vendors is simpler with our compliance management solution, giving you the power to reduce risk, manage payments, and negotiate discounts. RealPage Strategic Purchasing Advisory Services can even work closely with you to help you reach your full savings potential. Real spend management really does start here.

The One Solution to Help Keep Everyone on The Same Page


Reduce paperwork, phone calls, and emails with a seamless online process and document access that makes it easy for both suppliers and staff to manage, stay informed, and work together.


Sometimes, you need to make a snap judgement on a purchase. Our mobile app puts that power in the palm of your hand.


Depending upon your purchasing philosophy, you have the option of a high powered purchasing solution or a highly customizable platform.


In Purchasing? Save time and invoice disputes. Operations? Make the most of your staff time. Finance? Get more visibility into spending.

Reduce Purchasing Expense, Inefficiency and Vendor Risk

Spend Management Software Solution Overview Presentation

How to reduce expenses and limit vendor risk with multifamily spend management software.

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Empower your staff. Protect your profitability.

This informative eBook shows you what it takes to strengthen your staff’s purchasing power so they can successfully battle expenses and inefficiencies, and protect your profitability.

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Vendor Credentialing

Vendor Credentialing

Know who you’re working with, and whether or not they comply with your standards. RealPage Vendor Credentialing software is a web-based tracking platform that can be customized to your unique business requirements. Minimize the costs associated with vendor liability risk with a full-service solution that manages vendor compliance and ensures they continue to work within your guidelines.

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Getting Down to the Basics of Vendor Credentialing

If you aren’t performaing a full background check on your vendors, it could come back to bite you. Not verifying criminal records, insurance, and financial standing can result in poor work, fraud and lost money. Learn the importance of vendor credentialing and best practices on thoroughly vetting vendors to prevent risk. Also, learn how to identify and avoid common credentialing mistakes ot prevent financial loss and more.

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