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RealPage Property Management Suite is Like the “Fastest Car”

Gavin Greene, Director of Management Systems at Flaherty and Collins Properties, talks about how being based in Indianapolis, Indiana, home to the Indy 500, makes everyone, including the Flaherty and Collins Properties property management team, have a preference for "fast cars.” He points out that, just as in the Indy 500, property managers must have the fastest car in order to win, and he hails the RealPage® Property Management Suite as being the “fastest car” in property management technology.

"If you don't have that [property management] suite, you're not going to come in first place. To have that checkered flag at the end of the day — you’re the winner and everyone wins — why wouldn’t you do it?" ~ Gavin Greene

Gavin Greene

Director of Management Systems, Flaherty and Collins Properties