Velocity Applauds Passage of New Utility Billing Legislation for Multifamily Industry in Texas


(May 27, 2009) — Velocity, a leading provider of resident utility billing and invoice processing services for the multifamily industry, praised new utility billing legislation that allows Texas multifamily owners who submeter water and sewer services to charge a nominal service charge. Velocity, in a collaborative effort with the Utility Conservation Coalition, was instrumental in introducing and encouraging passage of Texas Senate Bill 2126, which was signed by Gov. Rick Perry last week.

Submetering enables multifamily owners to bill residents for their actual utility consumption. Under the new law, an administrative fee of no more than 9% of the total submetered water and sewer bill can be passed to residents. Given that submetering has been proven to promote conservation, Velocity believes that the percentage service fee was more appropriate than a flat or fixed fee.

“Research has shown that submetering encourages water conservation,” said Ryan Grogan, compliance officer for RealPage. “We are pleased that we played a part in encouraging passage of the bill and, more importantly, in ensuring that the legislation will continue to promote conservation. Our customers with multifamily properties in Texas will now be able to pass through to residents part of the administrative cost of providing energy saving submetering programs.”

When provided with an accurate billing of actual utility usage, residents typically modify behavior to reduce water consumption, which in turn lowers utility bills. The more the resident conserves, the lower the service fee.

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