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Managing Utility Expenses with RealPage Sustainability Services (White Paper)

The numbers tell the enlightening turnaround story of multifamily’s “uncontrollable” utility expenses, transformed into opportunities for better NOI and sustainability.

The fully integrated Sustainability Services combine advanced reporting, conservation services, audits, industry benchmarking and procurement services—applying advanced analytical methods and energy efficiency techniques to make holistic utility expense improvements that transform your property’s performance and your portfolio’s NOI.

Highlights Include:

Understanding how much utility inefficiencies are costing you:

  • $1,020 average unit spend without energy management
  • 43% utility expense wasted via inefficiencies
  • $306 per unit lost annually via utility misspend

Identifying opportunities to improve NOI and achieve the following results:

  • 5% targeted reduction in annual utility spend
  • $51 per unit gained with energy management

Actions making impact and creating a healthier environment:

  • 35% reduction in energy consumption and emissions
  • 29+ major markets where clients are meeting mandates
  • 6M gallons saved annually in one property’s water retrofit

Download the white paper and find out how RealPage’s comprehensive Sustainability Services deliver a uniquely powerful program with proven environmental and financial impact.

For more information about this advanced software solution, visit RealPage Sustainability Services.

managing utility expenses with realpage sustainability services (white paper)

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