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Going From ESG Aspirations to Sustainable Actions

10 strategies to help you connect the dots

These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find two topics with more promise — and confusion — than sustainability and ESG.

ESG reporting along with sustainability initiatives have become megatrends within the multifamily industry and across the broader business landscape. Beyond creating headlines, these two topics have given rise to an increase in federal, state and local legislation and have been key drivers of business transformation.

But more and more companies are realizing that a well-thought-out and executed ESG plan is not just “the right thing to do,” it’s smart real estate business.

Resulting investments in sustainable technologies and ESG initiatives can help you operate at higher efficiency, attract and retain a generation of savvier residents, and create greater opportunity for investment attraction and growth both today and tomorrow.

This eBook helps demystify the ESG multifamily landscape by providing you with 10 strategies you can employ to leverage sustainability and smart resource technologies and turn your ESG aspirations into high-return, sustainability actions.

We think you’ll not only discover a clearer path for future investment but also actionable strategies on how you can start running a more efficient, compliant and profitable business today.

going from esg aspirations to sustainable actions

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