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Goldrich Kest Simplifies a Complicated Learning Process

When Goldrich Kest replaced their complicated educational platforms with streamlined processes that included best practices, the results were dramatic.

Goldrich Kest was using three different systems and four separate applications to provide industry training, safety training and cybersecurity training—each requiring a unique username and password to access.

The degree of manual input required to track progress also contributed to a lack of transparency across the organization—leaving team members, managers and leadership deficient in knowledge of employee and enterprise progress, platform updates and feedback.

Their solution was EasyLMS—integrated into their RealPage® Unified Platform—to allow learners easy access. Other top features included preloaded content that covered both professional and personal development in addition to industry subject matter.

The results were dramatic and immediate. In 2018, when the first phase was rolled out to on-site team members, the number of courses completed per month was nearly 6X higher than the year before on the old platform.

The exponential growth was attributed to the ease of use and the high-quality content as well as gamification features that further motivated employees to compete with their peers in a positive, fun context.

goldrich kest simplifies a complicated learning process

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