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Simpson Housing Trusts Lease Transaction Data from RealPage Market Analytics

Real-time transactional data from actual rent rolls ensures focus on fact-driven reactions in a market downturn

Bryan Hilton, SVP Revenue Management of Simpson Housing, joined the guest panel at our recent Smart Solutions webcast and weighed in on using lease transactional data from RealPage® Market Analytics to find out true rent and occupancy levels in the ultra-competitive environment of a downturn.

In weak market conditions, market research becomes even more important. Everyone wants to get ahead of the pack and move quickly when they hit inflection points. Real estate investors make gains by buying assets while their competitors sit on the sidelines. Multifamily operators outperform competitors by using real-time data to drive operational strategies while their competitors remain reactionary.

How can you play ahead in the latest downturn? You don’t have to make risky, hunch-driven bets—traditional data sourced from websites and phone calls are proven to be lagging indicators of market movement. Play ahead wisely by leveraging real-time actual rent roll data through tools like RealPage Market Analytics. See inflection points faster and make decisions before your competition!

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