Resident Screening

Maximize revenue without adding risk. Our advanced resident screening software solution puts the knowledge and pricing power into your hands.

Resident Screening

Lease with Total Confidence.

Know who’s who, and how to calculate risk. The RealPage® Resident Screening solution gives you the tools, knowledge, and insight you need to lease with confidence, without added liability. We offer access to the industry’s largest rental payment history database, in-depth criminal background information, and extensive rental credit checks. Tap into the power of our empirical scoring engine, which gives you a simple, yet thorough report based on all factors—all within seconds. If you want to drive profitability and reduce risk, we’ve got you covered.

Decrease False Applications Before They Start

RealPage Screening Identity Verification combines verification, validation and risk detection processes to instantly verify consumer identities right at the beginning of the application process. It helps spot potential fraud or identity theft and automatically flag discrepancies found in an applicant’s data and is available for both online and in-office applications.

RealPage® Artificial Intelligence (AI) Screening
RealPage® Artificial Intelligence (AI) Screening

It’s resident screening, reimagined.

Complete Product Overview For RealPage Screening

7 Secrets of Resident Screening

In this video, you will learn the seven secrets that separate a good screening product from a great one. Like learning how our three-step process of identity screening, transactional identification and renter history can cover nearly all your bases. Also, that not all criminal data searches are created equal and using an out-of-network search can help fill in holes in prospect’s criminal history. Watch this overview video to learn more.

Pegasus Reviews 16 Years Using Resident Screening

The Preferred Resident Screening Platform

Screening isn’t just a commodity, it’s a great way to increase and maintain occupancy without sacrificing revenue. And RealPage Screening returns thorough results in about 30 seconds so you can move forward with the application process faster. RealPage Screening uses a three-step process of identity screening, transactional identification and renter history to deliver the best paying renter for your property.

The Secrets No One Wants You to Know About Screening

Increase Revenue, Maintain Occupancy and More

This 45-minute on-demand webcast will show what separates a good screening product from a great one. It will help you understand exactly what your resident screening system should be doing to help you mitigate risks, increase revenue and maintain occupancy.

How RealPage Identity Verification Can Help You Mitigate Risks with Your Leasing Applications

You shouldn’t be playing a game of guess who with your leasing applications online and in-office. And what happens to your business when your resident screening software doesn’t catch them before they sign a lease? The cost to your property, reputation and community can be more than you bargained for. RealPage Screening Identity Verification can help prevent this with a simple three-step process that will automatically flag discrepancies found in an applicant’s data and offers workflows for both online and in-office applications.

Resident Screening, Redefined.

Fewer Vacancies

Our Credit Optimizer tool helps you fill vacant units faster with 24/7 proactive monitoring of your vacancy at the bedroom level. This unique functionality also guides you in managing exceptions, limiting Fair Housing exposure and capturing the right amount of extra rent to offset the risk.

Background Check

From credit checks to criminal profiles, our advanced resident screening solution performs detailed searches, with access to the industry’s largest online criminal and sex offender database—almost twice as much data as leading competitors.

Offset Risk

Our flexible scoring engine enables you to calculate the dollar value of risk associated with an applicant’s unique score, and offset the risk with an increased deposit amount to protect you from end-of-lease cost. It also handles special outcomes and supplies detailed performance analysis.

“We want to make sure that we have a reliable resident. The resident who pays on time. And that insight into their history is just crucial to making sure that we are making the right business decisions.”

Kortney Balas
Vice President of Process and Technology at JVM Realty Corporation

The Only Rental History Database of Its Kind

RealPage Resident Screening offers the industry’s only database of actual rental payment history records to help you choose the residents who will be most reliable, and profitable to you and your business. We unlock the door to more than 26 million resident records from more than 20,000 reporting communities. This includes positive and negative data such as on-time payments, proper notice, late fees, and collections. Everything you’d want to know before handing over the keys.

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