Prices Per Unit Surge in Nashville and Atlanta

Among the Southeast region apartment markets, two have seen a significantly favorable trend from an investor’s perspective in the past decade.

In 2011, Nashville investors paid an average price per unit of close to $78,000, while the U.S. averaged over $93,000. Thus, Nashville prices per unit fell behind the U.S. average by about 17%. Fast forward a decade, and Nashville prices per unit are now at a 6% premium over U.S. rates.

Atlanta’s story is similar. Back in 2011, Atlanta was 45% more affordable than the U.S. average, at a little over $51,000 per unit. Today, however, Atlanta operators have made significant strides to close that gap, and now Atlanta prices per unit fall below U.S. norms by just 7%.

On the other hand, Atlanta and Nashville’s regional peers have seen a different pattern, with prices per unit in relation to the U.S. average declining over the past decade in Louisville, Birmingham, Lexington and Memphis.

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