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4 Ways Sustainability Drives Operational Excellence

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Join multifamily sustainability experts Dimitris Kapsis, Vice President, Energy Management, and Brannon Perkison, Director of Product Management, Sustainability, for a lively discussion of the 4 ways sustainability drives operational excellence and the 4 goals of sustainability.

In this webcast, you will also learn that:

  • Owners, operators and investors across the country are using IoT to look into energy usage across their portfolios. This enables them to be proactive instead of reactive—to catch issues before they have a chance to become problematic and expensive.
  • Residents clamor for sustainability. As a result, sustainable properties are achieving higher rents per unit than are average, conventional properties.
  • Efficiency is the new superpower—the core of sustainability. Benchmarking and measurement and verification are its best friends. The more energy and water efficient your property can become, the greater the operational efficiency you can achieve. In fact, efficient energy operations can generate savings of 10-30%.
  • Time is the most precious, non-renewable resource that property owners have. Preventative maintenance saves time and money, which leads to increased NOI.

Find out which trends will drive the innovations, tools and processes we rely on, how benchmarking can enable your properties to reach waste, energy and water consumption goals, how becoming more sustainable can help lower your property’s state taxes, and how energy efficiency and better waste management can save you thousands of dollars every year.

Dimitris and Brannon will share their expertise to help you identify opportunities for increasing sustainability across your portfolio ― and gain the competitive edge to deliver peak property performance, more sustainable operations and more robust portfolio value.

Dimitris Kapsis

Vice President Energy Management, RealPage, Inc.

Dimitris joined RealPage in 2017, bringing over 15 years of energy expertise and leadership. Before joining RealPage, Dimitris served as Chief Energy Officer for AUM. He and his team of energy experts helped AUM become the premier energy management provider to the multifamily industry. Dimitris previously served as Director of Energy Management for Archstone, a Denver-based property ownership and management firm.

Brannon Perkison

Director, Product Management, Sustainability, RealPage

Brannon is the Director of Product Management for the RealPage Sustainability group. He is LEED AP Operations and Maintenance, a TRUE Waste Advisor, and certified Project Management Professional with a background in software and telecommunications product development with some of the world’s leading technology companies. He holds a Master of Science Degree in MIS and a B.A. in Anthropology both from Texas A&M University in College Station.

4 Ways Sustainability Drives Operational Excellence

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4 Ways Sustainability Drives Operational Excellence

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