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SimpleBills: Student Utility Management for Today’s Market

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When it comes to utility management solutions, do you know what’s working in the student market? By choosing and implementing a smart, easy-to-use utility management solution, you can create value for your staff, owners and residents all at once.

Join RealPage® SVP of Utility Management Jason Lindwall and Colin Heller, CEO/Co-Founder of SimpleBills, and you’ll learn about current trends in the student market and best practices for student utility management that can increase operational efficiency and satisfy both owners and residents.

This webcast will cover topics including:

  • Trends in utility management for student housing
  • Ending the need for client prefunding accounts
  • Improving cost savings with an Estimated Final Bill (EFB) process
  • Billing and collections from residents through a trusted third party
  • Creating operational efficiencies for your site staff
  • Eliminating utility late fees
  • Enhancing the resident living experience
About SimpleBills

SimpleBills redefines how utilities are managed to free residents, owners and property managers from the hassle of managing utilities. With utilities being in the property’s name, there is no need for deposits, setup fees or phone calls to utility providers, making for a seamless move-in process for residents. Residents benefit from access to information and only pay their portion. The golden ticket for partnering with SimpleBills: SimpleBills bills and collects separately from the rent cycle, so your cash flow is completely free of the third-largest expense because you no longer have to prefund resident utilities. We also ensure that the resident collection rates at the end of the year are best-in-class with our Estimated Final Bill process, leading to an increase in final bill collections of $58 or more per unit. Our process reduces time, headache and costs associated with utilities in every unit while removing the utility management burden without costing you money.

Jason Lindwall

Senior Vice President, Utility Management, RealPage, Inc.

Jason joined the RealPage family in 2008 as Chief Operating Officer after serving as the Chief Information Officer for Aspen Square Management, where he instituted company-wide technology initiatives that resulted in substantial revenue growth. In Jason's current role, he has helped align RealPage Utility Management and SimpleBills solutions to achieve corporate goals and support global policies. He is a dynamic, results-oriented global operations and technology leader with more than 30 years of experience in strategic technology implementation. Jason has strengthened RealPage’s infrastructure and has expanded its global impact as an industry leader.

Colin Heller

Vice President, SimpleBills

Colin Heller co-founded SimpleBills back in 2008 after discovering first-hand how difficult it is to manage utilities with your college roommates. From there came the idea of what is now SimpleBills – A complete utility management company that services 175,000 nationwide in student, multifamily and single family markets. As Vice President, Colin is eager to continue in SimpleBills’ mission to be a thought leader in the utility space in order to provide simpler and more effective methods to managing utilities. He currently resides in Waco, Texas with his wife and three daughters.

SimpleBills: Student Utility Management for Today’s Market

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SimpleBills: Student Utility Management for Today’s Market

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