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Smart Solutions: How to Outperform in a Changing Market with Revenue Management

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For multifamily operators trying to compete, enable their strategies, and grow revenues in a time when markets are constantly changing, revenue management can be a powerful tool.

Revenue management can help you empower transparency and decision-making, optimize revenue, forecast demand and supply, and adjust to challenging market conditions. RealPage’s Revenue Management solutions are proven to be effective year over year for those companies who want to enable asset strategies and outperform market conditions.

Join RealPage® Senior Vice President of Revenue Management Amy Dreyfuss and Industry Principal of Asset Optimization David Polewchak for the webcast, Smart Solutions: How to Outperform in a Changing Market with Revenue Management. You’ll hear from owners and operators —as they discuss:

  • The drivers and benefits of revenue management
  • Why revenue management is essential in the current market
  • The costs associated with not implementing revenue management

Special guests include:

  • Kelly Nichols, Director of Revenue Management (Cortland)
  • Brandy Daniel, Vice President of Business Intelligence Systems (BH Management)
  • Connie Aldape, Director of Revenue Management (Pinnacle)
  • Mike Lilly, Director of Revenue Management (Weidner)
  • America Melragon, Vice President of Revenue Management (IRT)
  • David Danish, Vice President Revenue Management (LivCor)

David Polewchak

Vice President, Asset Management, Orion Real Estate Partners

David Polewchak is the Vice President, Asset Management at Orion Real Estate Partners. As an asset manager, David oversees the financial and operational performance of numerous multifamily assets across multiple markets where he deploys asset strategies focused on increasing asset value and performance.

David started his career as a student housing operator and then transitioned into multifamily housing. David’s extensive career and education in multifamily operations, revenue management, multifamily technology optimization, and asset management have given him a unique and comprehensive understanding of multifamily business.

He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Colorado in Business Psychology and an MBA from Regis University in Finance and Accounting.

Amy Dreyfuss

SVP Revenue Management, RealPage, Inc.

Amy Dreyfuss is Senior Vice President of RealPage Revenue Management overseeing both LRO and YieldStar. Amy has over 20 years of experience in multifamily operations and revenue management. Prior to joining YieldStar in 2009, she oversaw operations and revenue management for a Dallas-based firm. Amy began her career with RealPage as a YieldStar Consultant responsible for the implementation of a diverse portfolio of clients ranging from private owner/operators to fee managers to REITs and institutional owners before becoming a part of the leadership team in 2010. In addition to growing the YieldStar client base in the U.S., Amy is responsible for expansion into Canada and the United Kingdom.

Smart Solutions: How to Outperform in a Changing Market with Revenue Management

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Smart Solutions: How to Outperform in a Changing Market with Revenue Management

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