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7 Key Metrics for Property Health

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What’s the best way to get the visibility you need into property performance for every asset class? Find out how to get the numbers you need to make more informed business decisions and maximize investment returns during this live webcast.

Multifamily, student, senior, commercial—no matter what asset class you manage, having detailed visibility into KPIs is critical to making the most informed business decisions—and maximizing your return on investment. In this enlightening webcast, RealPage SVP Alan James talks about the benefits of best-in-class real estate portfolio management software, and how it can bring all the data together for you. Learn how to identify which properties are outperforming—which aren’t—and how you can get all this from just one, seamlessly integrated solution.

Alan James

Senior Vice President, RealPage, Inc.

Over the last 25 years, Alan James has worked with top fund and institutional managers in providing technology solutions to increase shareholder value. Previously, Alan served in various capacities at Yardi, Oracle Corporation, PeopleSoft and J.D. Edwards on solutions for real estate managers, GP's and LP's. Alan holds a BS in Accounting and Finance Law from Portland State University.

7 Key Metrics for Property Health

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7 Key Metrics for Property Health

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