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Energy Benchmarking Compliance

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More and more cities and states are requiring multifamily properties to use Energy Star Portfolio Manager for whole building energy usage reporting to drive reductions in energy consumption. Green Lending programs are also requiring usage of benchmarking data. Hosts Dimitris Kapsis and Bob Ricobene will shed light on the complexities of these reporting requirements and explain where, when and how to get in compliance.

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This requirement affects multifamily buildings having as few as 5 units all the way up to the largest properties. Many companies do not have the expertise or resources to navigate the intricacies of the reporting requirements and are looking for guidance. Dimitris and Bob will share their expertise in this area to help you understand how to comply with these mandates.

Dimitris Kapsis

Vice President Energy Management, RealPage, Inc.

Dimitris joined RealPage in 2017, bringing over 15 years of energy expertise and leadership. Before joining RealPage, Dimitris served as Chief Energy Officer for AUM. He and his team of energy experts helped AUM become the premier energy management provider to the multifamily industry. Dimitris previously served as Director of Energy Management for Archstone, a Denver-based property ownership and management firm.

Bob Ricobene

Director, Energy Management, RealPage Utility Management, RealPage, Inc.

Bob joined RealPage in 2017 from AUM, bringing over 30 years of energy expertise and leadership. Before joining AUM, Bob served as Regional Vice President at Direct Energy and Pepco Energy Services, as well as in several leadership roles at Exelon Energy. He and his team of RealPage Energy Analysts deliver a wide range of energy solutions to the multifamily industry.

Energy Benchmarking Compliance

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Energy Benchmarking Compliance

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