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Why Screening Matters: 3 Ways to Reduce Risk & Boost Occupancy

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After an unprecedented 2020, it’s essential for owners and operators to leverage what we’ve learned to further detect and mitigate risk.

With issues like eviction bans and slowing lease demand, identifying undesirable renters is more important than ever—and with the rise of identity theft during the pandemic, the concern of fraud loss and whom you allow to move into your properties has been pushed to the forefront.

It’s time to adapt your screening model to the new economy to help detect and mitigate risk and boost occupancy.

Join RealPage® SVP of Data Science Rich Hughes and SVP of Screening Mike Mauseth for the webcast, Why Screening Matters: 3 Ways to Reduce Risk & Boost Occupancy, as they discuss key themes for operators to consider and share what leaders in apartment operations have discovered, as well as how they have been able to improve occupancy and reduce bad debt with RealPage® Screening solutions in place.

This webcast will cover:

  • An introduction to AI Screening and Identity Verification
  • How AI Screening can significantly reduce risk by assessing the ability to pay with the willingness to pay
  • The cost of fraudulent applications
  • Success stories of clients using both AI Screening and Identity Verification—taking in more people without taking on more risk
  • How these solutions have helped clients mitigate risks, reduce bad debt and increase occupancy levels

About AI Screening:

It’s resident screening, reimagined. RealPage® Artificial Intelligence (AI) Screening is more than just a credit score and the ability to pay—it’s about the willingness to pay. Reduce bad debt and financial loss by an average of $39 per unit per year with the industry’s first—and only—AI-enabled scoring model.

About Identity Verification:

RealPage Identity Verification helps properties reduce fraud on lease applications—which cuts down on evictions that could cost thousands of dollars. Identity Verification leverages identity verification data from 36 billion records to identify and prevent applicant fraud, saving up to $72 per unit per year.

Rich Hughes

Senior Vice President, Data Science, RealPage, Inc.

Rich Hughes first entered the data revolution with apartment owner/operators AMLI and Archstone for over a decade, and is now head data scientist with RealPage. Hughes believes that today’s winners in complex, asset-intensive, service-based industries—from Amazon to apartments—have discovered the operational trifecta: over-delivering on promises while keeping the operation streamlined and affordable. He spends his days creating centralized command and control capacity for apartment operators, mainly regional managers, to streamline their operations through better and faster decision-making. He does this by analyzing data to predict outcomes, giving apartment operators prescriptive recommendations that are mathematically solvent and intelligence that is continually learning.

Mike Mauseth

Senior Vice President, Screening, RealPage, Inc.

Mike Mauseth is RealPage’s Senior Vice President of Screening, overseeing the delivery of innovative risk mitigation solutions from RealPage’s unique and proprietary data platforms. Before joining RealPage, Mike held senior leadership roles with real estate risk and data analytic providers, including serving as President of TransUnion’s real estate division and as Senior Vice President of Kroll’s risk analytics group.

Mike is an inventor with multiple issued patents focused on predictive analytics, risk assessment and e-commerce. Most notably, he is a co-inventor of TransUnion’s SmartMove product and KikScore’s e-commerce analytics platform (now part of Google’s Trust Score).

Mike holds a juris doctorate degree from the University of Denver and a bachelor’s degree from Minnesota State University.

In his free time, Mike enjoys watching Minnesota’s professional sports teams lose in heartbreaking fashion.

Why Screening Matters: 3 Ways to Reduce Risk & Boost Occupancy

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Why Screening Matters: 3 Ways to Reduce Risk & Boost Occupancy

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