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Pegasus Reviews 16 Years Using Resident Screening

Screening isn’t just a commodity, it’s a great way to increase and maintain occupancy without sacrificing revenue. And RealPage Screening returns thorough results in about 30 seconds so you can move forward with the application process faster. RealPage Screening uses a three-step process of identity screening, transactional identification, and renter history to deliver the best paying renter for your property.

It’s User Friendly

Not only are the RealPage representatives always ready and able to assist the property managers at Pegasus Residential nut you can take someone with almost no software knowledge can get up and running with a short 2-hour training course supplied by RealPage.

Everything Moves Faster

Ease-of-use and through screens in seconds allows Pegasus Residential to get prospects approved faster. Plus, RealPage Screening delivers the best paying renter possible thanks to the three-step process.

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