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RealPage® OneSite® Affordable Simplifies Property Compliance Operations

With 163 residential properties in the Boston area—mostly Affordable apartments and condominiums—Peabody Properties relies on the robust capabilities of RealPage® OneSite® Affordable to take the extra work and worry out of maintaining Boston property compliance.

Doreen Donovan’s team gains reassurance and confidence from OneSite’s highly integrated tools for reviewing overall corporate and site-specific compliance. Layering different program regulations, income limits and utility allowances allows them to receive alerts about changes in resident qualifications and agency requirements, enabling cohesive management and timely response to proactively maintain compliance. From subsidy voucher reconciliation to annual certification scheduling to EID discrepancy resolution, Peabody confidently oversees the complexity of their daily compliance operations with the diverse features of the OneSite Affordable platform. Working closely with the Affordable product team provides Peabody with additional insight and knowledgeable support based on RealPage’s close and continuing contact with HUD and other federal and state agencies developing regulations in the industry. The OneSite team works “in the trenches” with property management customers and agencies, which also helps develop the powerful technology tools that Peabody enjoys using to stay in compliance.

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