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Covert More Leads, Faster with the RealPage Contact Center

First impressions are key to a good business. Stephanie Versin, Vice President of Marketing, Prometheus Real Estate Group, Inc. counts on the professionalism of the RealPage Contact Center to filter out leads that wouldn’t necessarily make it through their system. This ensure they get only qualified leads in their systems, which lead to better conversions. This also allows her site staff provide even better customer service to their existing residents as well as any walk-ins or tours. And every lead is tracked so she knows exactly who is calling and from where so they know where the most successful leads come from.

Capture More Leads

The RealPage Contact Center works around-the-clock cultivating the premium leads that convert to more leases, and acting as a natural extension of your leasing and marketing team—and your brand.  Learn more about how RealPage apartment leasing call center solutions can increase onsite visits and leases at RealPage Contact Center.

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