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Capstone Goes From 0 to 60 While Maintaining Compliance

Like most affordable property management companies, you need a platform that’s’ easy to use so your staff can get up and running quickly without harming compliance. Mike Boone, Vice President of Governance, Capstone Real Estate Services, Inc. found that RealPage Affordable Property Management solutions changes how they do business. It also allows them to be more efficient, more accurate and lets onsite staff focus on running the property. The ease of use in the RealPage Affordable property management solution took their staff from 0 to 60 in using the product and still maintain compliance.

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Capstone Real Estate Services, Inc. is a full-service, third-party property management firm. Founded in 1969, Capstone is one of the largest third-party management firms in the nation, with a portfolio extending to nearly 80 cities. Mike Boone has served in various roles for Capstone since 2006 and is responsible for identifying, implementing, and improving the property management systems the company utilizes. Additionally, Mike is responsible for Capstone’s Training, Compliance, and IT departments. 

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