21 Insights Series

Hear live expert discussion on each of our 21 top strategies for outperforming in the Year of Variability—created for apartment operators and investors by RealPage® market specialists from the most robust multifamily data available.

VP and Deputy Chief Economist Jay Parsons and our panel of rental housing economists and industry principals identify themes and opportunities across asset class, location and strategy to help optimize your approach, focus resources and stay ahead of trends in 2021.

Key Insight #11: Don’t Bank on a “Flight to Quality”

Feb 26, 2021
6 min

Investors historically luring renters up with concessions are finding the equation is changing.

With a widening rent gap, harder move-up math and tighter occupancies as renters choose more affordable options, high-quality multifamily assets must focus on retention strategies and stable new apartment occupancy revenue to reduce risk and churn.

Read the blog on this Insight here: https://www.realpage.com/blog/dont-bank-on-flight-to-quality/

Watch the video version of this podcast here: https://www.realpage.com/videos/dont-bank-on-flight-to-quality/

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