Velocity Convergent Billing Service Wins Outstanding Multifamily Partner Award


(April 29, 2009) — Velocity, a leading provider of resident utility billing and invoice processing services for the multifamily industry, today announced that it received the Outstanding Multifamily Partner Award presented at the Broadband Properties magazine 2009 Summit on April 28, 2009. Velocity received the award based on the net operating income (NOI) value created for owners using its convergent billing service.

The Outstanding Multifamily Partner Awards, which are nominated and voted on by owners, developers, and managers recognize vendors who understand the unique attributes of the multifamily industry and how best to serve the resident. Candidates are nominated and voted on by multifamily owners with documented evidence of the vendor partner’s success at adding value to the owner’s business and/or communities.

“We are proud to receive the Outstanding Multifamily Partner Award from Broadband Properties,” said Ashley Glover, executive vice president, RealPage. “The customers who nominated us recognize that the Velocity convergent billing service enables them to achieve higher utility collection rates. Using convergent billing rather than separate invoices for utility bills can help an owner achieve a higher NOI per year for an average property in its portfolio. Our goal is to create real value for our customers through superior technology and superior execution.”

Velocity convergent bills are a single monthly resident bill that combines rent, utilities, and small charges and can help owners who are billing for electricity, natural gas, water or other utilities realize tremendous cost savings. Vacant unit electric or gas charges, along with corresponding administrative fees, are included in convergent bills, a key differentiator for Velocity. Since residents are already accustomed to paying monthly bills they receive in the mail, and this habit holds true with rent, the convergent bill typically results in higher visibility and urgency with residents, an increase in the overall collection rate and, more importantly, the timeliness of these payments.

The convergent resident billing service also takes the burden of utility allocation off of staff while greatly increasing accuracy and eliminating lost income due to inefficient collections. In fact, the Velocity convergent billing service enables most multifamily owners to achieve higher utility collection rates—some by as much as three to four percent over regular utility billing.

Velocity is the first truly integrated resident utility billing system and lease accounting system. Resident billing may be performed using submetered resident consumption data or ratio utility billing methods. Resident utility charges can be presented along with other resident charges on a single convergent bill, which Velocity will mail to residents.

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