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Solving the Rent Payment Puzzle For Property Management Companies

Solving the Rent Payment Puzzle

There's a ton of talk about the Millennial generation and the mysterious Generation C and what they deem "important," but do their needs really affect the multifamily industry? Yes, in a big way — specifically when it comes to how renters pay rent.

As recent as 2012, more than 70% of renters were reported as paying their rent by check. However, a new study has revealed that more than 68% of renters now pay electronically every month. Are you prepared for this drastic transition?

This informative eBook walks you through all the payment options that are available — the benefits and downfalls — and goes into detail about the complexities of accepting credit and debit cards online.

Do you want to learn how you can accept credit and debit cards, eliminate the associated costs, and protect your property from the legal and financial risks? If so, then download this eBook now.

You'll Learn:

  • About the newest and most unknown (but important) generation – "Generation C"
  • The ins-and-outs of rent payment methods like ACH, eMoney orders and credit and debit cards
  • The complexity surrounding online credit card transaction costs and rules
  • Simple ways to manage credit card compliance and risk issues by using a Licensed Money Services Business
solving the rent payment puzzle for property management companies

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