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Resident Portals eBook: “Managing the 4 Rs”

Discover how Retention and Renewals, Reputation and Revenue can combine for a successful Resident Engagement program.

For today’s property managers, building a strong resident engagement program requires the four Rs — Retention and Renewal, Reputation and Revenue. While most owners and operators have a resident portal, the most innovative of these tools can function as an always-available mobile platform for residents and staff, a communications hub, a self-service solution, a rewards platform to gamify resident engagement, and an eCommerce platform for generating new ancillary revenue.

The best portals deliver an improved experience for both residents and property managers, creating strong connections that can lead to resident satisfaction, loyalty and renewals. Because resident engagement is the new currency in multifamily—and an engaged property is a more valuable property—it’s essential to focus on the 4 Rs!

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resident portals ebook: “managing the 4 rs”

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