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Insights to Mitigating Risk in Affordable Housing

7 Ways You Can Mitigate Risk at Your Affordable Properties

Running an affordable community is a complicated maze of risks that includes move-ins, certifications and TRACS. Then, of course, there are all the state and federal regulations and reporting needs that can easily become overwhelming to even the best affordable management companies and their staff.

This educational eBook provides insights into several methods you can use to help mitigate even more risk at your affordable housing properties without risking your compliance needs.

Reducing risk in affordable housing does need to go beyond meeting compliance requirements. You need to be aware of the other risks that come with managing and owning a property that can lead to loss of business, as well as monetary damages.

Find out what risks should be mitigated by:

  • Your property management software
  • Screening and renters insurance
  • Document management
  • Vendor credentialing
  • And more!
insights to mitigating risk in affordable housing

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