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Paying your rent and utilities online is a faster and safer way to take care of your obligations. Not sure which portal you should use? Simply match the images to your bills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have COVID-19 or CARES Act related questions, reach out directly to your property for guidance.

Does RealPage Offer a Utility Payment Plan?

For SimpleBills and RealPage Utility Management, the assistance program is designed to extend due dates for SimpleBills customers and waive late fees on a case by case basis as determined by the hardship application approver but is not a payment plan.

How Can I Pay Rent Using eMoney Order?

First simply find a local participating retailer, call ahead, and bring cast to complete your rent payment. Download the instruction PDF below for more details.

Can the Convenience Fee be Waived?

For SimpleBills and RealPage Utility Management, convenience fees are not being waived at this time.

Paying Your Rent: How to?

Select from one of the three following rent payment options, download the instruction PDFs and make easy payments online. ActiveBuilding Welcome Home ClickPay

Can Late Fees be Removed?

For SimpleBills and RealPage Utility Management, late fee removals will be made on a case-by-case basis where financial hardship due to COVID-19 has been proven.

How Do I Set Up Automatic Payments?

Setting up automatic rent and utility payments just takes a few minutes to set up. Simply log in to your respective portal and find the Payments option to get set up.
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