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Moving From Manual Pricing to Refining Revenue: Multifamily AI

Southeast operator pivots to outperform market by 7% with proactive revenue management powered by AI-enabled rent pricing solution

An expanding apartment operator needed to upgrade their approach for managing rent pricing and revenue across a regional real estate portfolio of 20 properties in the Southeast U.S. — without changing their existing property management system.

Within 12 months of replacing a manual pricing system with the AI-based software, data, advisory services and expertise in the RealPage® AI Revenue Management solution, the client holistically transformed their growth strategy to achieve competitive occupancy and renewal conversion levels — and exceeded market revenue performance by 7%.

Fueled by these data-driven capabilities and flexible modeling, the business has shifted momentum to seize opportunities, plan pricing and optimize performance quickly and confidently in changing conditions and diverse markets.

In this Success Snapshot, you’ll see:

  • Why manual pricing and revenue management no longer served a growing property portfolio
  • How AI-enabled technology honed decision making with timely data informing strategic pricing plans and demand forecasting
  • Which key metrics improved to achieve revenue performance that beat the market by 7%

Learn more about how a dynamic, AI-based approach delivers asset-specific data to realize optimal revenue performance across your portfolio with RealPage AI Revenue Management.

moving from manual pricing to refining revenue: multifamily ai

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