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Greystar Optimizes Submeter Health for Asset Value Lift

Proactive maintenance and repairs with RealPage® Submetering drive significant annual utility expense recovery for rental property operations

Greystar™, the global leader in rental housing, trusts RealPage to proactively optimize their submeter health with a proven utility submeter maintenance program that has recovered tens of thousands of dollars per property in annual operating expenses. Two Greystar properties serve as powerful examples of the real asset value resulting from a proactive maintenance solution that dramatically increases meter health, resident satisfaction and compliance by relying on the expertise and recommendations of the largest and most experienced utility support team in the industry.

Read more about how protecting your owners’ investment with the skills, depth and service standards of RealPage Submetering can deliver the operational savings, conservation and asset lift to strengthen your portfolio value and outperform your peers.

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greystar optimizes submeter health for asset value lift

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