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RealPage Sustainability Services Energy Savings Yield Greater NOI

The RealPage® Sustainability Services provides the most comprehensive set of energy- and conservation-related professional services and tools on the market. Besides saving at least 10% on negotiated energy contracts, this complete solution helps to recover thousands of dollars per customer in recovered utility tax and rate adjustments and further reduce costs by improving efficiency and billing accuracy, while also enabling peer performance review, minimizing risk exposure to government-mandated sustainability regulations, improving property values and more.

Powered by the largest utility expense database in the nation, we provide extensive analytics, reports and alerts that will not only help you identify challenges—like mandate compliance and implementing conservation projects—but, more importantly, also show you how to solve them in the most cost-effective way possible.

Sustainability Services has five components, each designed to reap maximum cost savings that yield greater NOI: Energy Procurement, Energy Benchmarking, Rate and Tax Assurance, Energy and Water Conservation, and Advanced Energy Reporting.

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