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Revenue Management Case Study

See how student properties outperformed by maximizing rent and not occupancy.

What does it take to outperform term after term in the highly competitive and constantly churning student housing market? The correct answer is a revenue management solution that can factor local supply and demand dynamics and other scientific insights to easily calculate the optimum price per bed that will produce the most revenue per quarter and semester.

This joint case study conducted by RealPage and Campus Advantage® examined seven active properties in six geographically diverse university markets during the 2017-2018 leasing season that used RealPage Revenue Management and RealPage AxioStudent. The results were top of the class.

Download this remarkable case study and see:

  • How a 576-bed property outperformed the market by 14.1% with a negative YoY occupancy change
  • The scope of KPIs critical to achieving consistent results that outperform the market including actual lease transactions, expirations and waitlist factors
  • Occupancy was not the driving factor behind exceptional performance
revenue management case study

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