Transforming SMB Asset Management for Mixed-Use Portfolio Growth

4 advantages of data-driven solutions for real estate investment management


The expectations for effective real estate asset management are changing for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and midmarket firms with mixed-use portfolios as they compete for investor wins in a dynamic real estate market. Traditional asset management solutions are often too time-consuming, error-prone and generic for growth-focused emerging and established organizations.

But a new generation of sophisticated, specialized software solutions gives these firms more advanced and accessible options to gain valuable insights, fine-tune decision making and optimize overall asset and portfolio performance.

With a more efficient, data-driven approach and powerful yet cost-effective tools designed to simplify the entire asset management experience, SMB syndicators and their asset management teams can strategically evaluate, fund and grow assets at a competitive pace.

Advantage #1:  End-to-end, scalable support for mixed-use portfolio priorities

Supporting the success of mixed-use real estate portfolios requires the flexibility, visibility and scalability to manage decision making and communications across the entire asset lifecycle for investments from commercial buildings to retail spaces to residential properties and more.

That starts with comprehensive, centralized capabilities for standardizing, tightening and automating day-to-day activity from financial analysis, performance forecasting and revenue reporting to capital campaigns and investor outreach.

When you can connect your strategic planning to effective execution in a holistic, actionable approach, you create a more flexible foundation to focus on improving response, results and engagement in the right places at the right time:

  • Accelerate fundraising
  • Monitor and model portfolio performance
  • Identify risks & trends
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Enhance portfolio value

Advantage #2: Performance insights to visualize operational results

Modern asset management software is designed to offer a cohesive solution to streamline and accelerate real estate investment management outcomes and results around specific goals and priorities.

Delivering efficiencies in a centralized, data-driven environment ensures that SMB and midmarket companies gain built-in transparency and analysis to identify opportunities for saving time and expense, identifying risk and reducing uncertainty, and ultimately improving portfolio value with visibility across every asset:

  • Property performance insights and side-by-side comparisons across leasing, tenant, maintenance and revenue operations to support continuous improvement of cash flow, occupancy, income and long-term value of portfolio assets
  • Financial analysis and reporting tools with robust dashboards and self-service reporting capabilities to securely and conveniently access current asset revenue, expense and overall portfolio performance data, as well as targeted strategic business planning insights

Advantage #3: Data-driven foresight to protect portfolio value

Advances in asset management software can empower SMB and midmarket companies to make targeted, timely and data-driven decisions that improve results and returns for their specific properties and portfolios.

Consistent access to the latest data and powerful analytics gives growth-minded businesses the edge to monitor, manage and model the metrics that matter most. The right technology will enable your team to quickly identify relevant trends, forecast future performance and optimize investment strategies to keep you a step ahead of the competition with better accuracy, visibility and analysis from underwriting and acquisition through disposition:

  • Holistic portfolio visibility that allows stakeholders to identify underperforming assets, capitalize on high-demand locations and allocate resources strategically
  • Comprehensive, cloud-based valuations, modeling and forecasting for the full investment lifecycle across all asset types and classes
  • Real-time integrations across real estate and accounting solutions, automated data aggregation and secure data sharing for reliable, seamless collaboration with stakeholders
  • Proactive risk mitigation with detailed, on-demand performance reporting, intuitive forecasting and “what-if” scenario analysis to improve investor transparency and risk assessment

Advantage #4: Unified tools to elevate investor engagement & confidence

With technology at the tipping point, real estate investment firms can no longer delay the adoption of tools that offer more self-service, transparency and analysis for investors — and more streamlined front-office processes that help growing firms shift attention toward engaging investors to fund, support and grow an attractive asset portfolio while reducing the cost of acquiring capital.

Meeting investor expectations starts with demonstrating the digital advantage available to them in a modern, efficient investor experience that delivers tailored views,  timely updates and convenient access to reliable reports and KPI metrics:

  • Investor and sponsor dashboards for configurable, centralized access to current and relevant data, insights, documents and updates
  • Automated data validation, reporting and waterfall calculations to avoid costly errors and add peace of mind
  • Secure, compliant document delivery with 24/7 portal access to distribution, tax and reporting data
  • Targeted digital communications to send emails at scale and automatically track, store and display activities

Investing efficiently in the future of your portfolio

Investment and asset management software solutions built specifically to support a growing portfolio can now offer you the advanced functionality and flexibility to scale based on your changing needs, challenges and goals for the future.

Modern, end-to-end asset management software is a necessity for growth-minded investment management firms with mixed-use real estate portfolios to navigate the complexities of efficient asset management, satisfying investor expectations and achieving sustainable portfolio growth — at a competitive pace and affordable cost.

Learning more about Investment Management Essentials can help you streamline your expanding portfolio’s path to strategic growth.

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