Community Rewards Testimonials

The Community Rewards team have been incredible to work with!

They completely blew our minds with our white-label platform, Captivate. Resident participation rate is roughly 42%, but we are currently sitting at about 52% participation and we've had over 14,000 reviews written at a 4.4 star rating.

Kevin Patterson
Marketing Operations Manager
Gables Residential
You all have exceeded my expectations!

Community Rewards is the only company that can help us increase resident engagement and create a real community. We've searched, there aren't any other options out there. Community Rewards is an affordable, user-friendly product and their customer service is amazing.

Laurie Frias
Southwest Director of Marketing
Lincoln Property Company
The number one the thing I'd tell you if you're looking to build a sense of community, this is the platform I'd tell you to enroll in.

One of the biggest factors for us using Community Rewards is it's in the name of the product. It is building a community. Once everyone realizes they're a part of this community - our corporate and on-site teams, as well as our residents - this becomes the benefit of this product.

Susan Goff
Director of Brand Management
Highmark Residential
We see this product working, and working well.

I’m amazed by the value Community Rewards has brought to our communities. We look at where we started before Community Rewards and where we’re at now, and it just continues to grow. Everything from resident participation, reputation scores, and social engagement have increased.

Ariel Garcia
Director of Marketing
Pinnacle Campus Living
I would recommend Community Rewards to any management company looking to gain an edge.

We have been a Community Rewards client for almost four years, and it is one of the most effective marketing tools that we utilize. Our team uses this platform to improve the resident life experience, and it also helps expand our social media marketing efforts. The review tool along with being able to identify your advocates is also invaluable.

Ryan McGahan
National Marketing Director
Homestead U
I absolutely adore Community Rewards.

Now that it feeds into, my time spent managing reviews is cut in half! I also get to hear from residents that I may not hear from as much without this tool. My residents truly enjoy posting to get rewards and are competing for the top of the leaderboard! I highly recommend it to everyone!

Melissa Head
Property Manager
Absolutely love the program, and we know you will too!

My tip would be to make sure you get your team involved. Make it not only something fun and rewarding for your residents but for your staff as well. Utilize the Custom Actions and Polls features to improve resident engagement.

Erika Schlata
Regional Supervisor
Fairfield Residential
I would highly recommend other apartment communities jump on board.

I love Community Rewards! It helps my residents feel a sense of community. As a Property Manager, I like to use it to create polls and custom actions as a way for us to engage with our residents.

Rebecca Gaskill
Community Director
Highmark Residential
Community Rewards makes my day easier!

It is so great for our property in regard to reviews! It is so easy for me to repost reviews on Facebook and Twitter. Polls are a great way to find out interest in future events.

Cindy Mauld
Property Manager
I definitely recommend Community Rewards.

It’s good for both prospecting and sales and then it’s really great for resident engagement as well.

We know that people who feel engaged with their community are more likely to renew. In that aspect of it, the better we utilize the tool, the higher engagement level we have with people, the more likely they are to renew.

Steve Ostipow
Director of Marketing
Drucker & Falk
Community Rewards is a much more visual and community-based platform

We’re seeing our residents communicate with one another through that platform and our managers have an easier time, being able to share information and small updates. It’s extremely important.

Amy Johnson
Director of Marketing and Leasing
Core Living
We were able to really get a lot more interaction with our clientele

They were able to login and interact like our social media pages. We did a lot of surveys to try and see what we were going to do for our next resident event. I’ve really enjoyed just being able to communicate with residents and getting them signed up.

Christina Fouts
Regional Director
Westdale Asset Management
Our ability to boost our online reputation is huge.

That's probably one of the biggest things Modern Message does in a very kind of natural, transparent way that allows people to make reviews effortlessly through the platform and boost that online reputation.

Joe Melton
Vice President of Marketing and Management Support Services
The Morgan Group
To be able to communicate with residents. I think both on a mass scale and then on an individual basis, it's great.

We love the reward piece. Obviously, it's building a community. That's the whole point of the concept is community rewards, and by building a community, we've seen a huge increase in the amount of reviews that we receive online.

Brittany Barclay
Regional Property Manager
Tribridge Residential
It's really, really blown our expectations out of the water

I think if I had to speak with anybody who was on the fence, I would say try it. Try it. It's really, really blown our expectations out of the water, I think, not just at the regional or corporate level, but with the site teams as well.

Emily Halbert
Regional Property Manager
It is a quick tool for us to use on-site that is time saving.

It’s user-friendly, its easy, makes it easy to communicate with the residents, easy to engage the residents, and that is almost invaluable in just the time savings that it gives us.

Shane Raby
Senior Community Manager
I haven’t seen anything quite like this product out there in the market.

Considering how easy it is to use and the small time commitment we have to it. I think there’s a tremendous value there. I think the polls have been the best way to engage people by just answering some simple questions.

Seth Springman
Property Manager
R&V Management
We're able to connect with our residents to see what is of interest.

I think the challenging part for multi-family and just the communities as a whole is just figuring out who's gonna show up to our resident events and are people actually gonna like that event.

So, with the polls and RSVP feature, we're able to connect with our residents to see what is of interest, and it's definitely helped us get to know our residents a little bit more."

Victoria Kirchoff
Director of Marketing
Roscoe Property Management
It helps the property managers see what the residents are really interested in.

So whether that be a program, that they did a poll about a program that they're looking for or even an amenity that they might want to see or changes that they might want to see made, they're really getting the feedback of the residents that live there."

Erica Dovitz
Digital Marketing Director
Community Rewards has made a great impact on our online reputation.

We have seen our ORA scores improve over time with these specific communities once they have started Community Rewards. People are also more inclined to leave a review when we ask for that.

Lindsay Hall
Marketing Manager
Bell Partners
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