Rent Growth in This Small Midwest Market Outpaces National Average

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Rent growth in Wichita, Kansas has outpaced the U.S. norm for the past six consecutive months. This small Midwest market, with a population of around 650,000 and less than 36,300 existing units, recorded a 6% increase in effective asking rents during the year-ending March 2023. According to data from RealPage Market Analytics, that rent growth pace was notably ahead of the U.S. average (3.9%) and far above the market’s pre-pandemic average annual growth pace from 2015 to 2019 (1.3%). However, Wichita didn’t experience the massive rent change swings that most other markets across the country witnessed during the pandemic. In fact, Wichita avoided year-over-year rent cuts and only briefly ventured into double-digit rent growth last year. Despite rent increases of late, Wichita is still a bargain for renters. Effective asking rents in the market averaged $850 in March 2023, making Wichita the most affordable apartment market among RealPage’s core 150 metros. Furthermore, Wichita’s monthly rent was less than half the national average ($1,792). Perhaps driving rent growth in Wichita is the fact that the market has seen very little new supply. Just 32 units came online here in the past year, having a negligible impact on inventory. And over the past five years, Wichita’s inventory increased less than 5%, compared to the national average growth pace of just over 9%. And yet occupancy in Wichita measured 94.1% in March, below the national average of 94.7%. Still, Wichita’s recent occupancy rate was in line with the market’s average rate during the five years leading up to the pandemic.