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Lost in Translation: Decoding Multifamily Language

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In the dynamic world of multifamily housing, effective communication and alignment across teams is crucial to success. Unraveling the complexities of multifamily language and offering practical insights to bridge communication gaps is foundational for driving success in the industry. 

Today’s challenge includes navigating through flashy industry buzzwords and trends to transform them into actionable strategies. By untangling the web of operational insights, we want to encourage a conversation that empowers professionals to make well-informed strategic decisions delivering tangible results.

Join us for this transformative webcast and unlock the power of language in shaping the future of multifamily housing to help rental real estate professionals: 

  • Understand the implications of miscommunication and the potential consequences for strategy discussions 
  • Explore strategies to centralize information and foster collaboration among diverse teams 
  • Gain insights on aligning language and perspectives to strengthen relationships with renters and enhance the owner-operator dynamic 
  • Avoid allowing critical information to be lost in translation and learn practical techniques for achieving better multifamily outcomes

Dayna Gardner

Industry Principal, Marketing, RealPage, Inc.

Dayna Gardner is an Industry Principal at RealPage and a renowned multifamily professional with nearly two decades of experience in property operations, marketing and resident experience strategy. Currently, she is deeply immersed in all aspects of digital marketing for multifamily and leveraging data and insights to drive marketing strategy performance. As a thought leader in multifamily marketing and resident experience, Dayna is influencing the next generation of product innovation and business development strategy at RealPage. With her extensive expertise, Dayna is at the forefront of the multifamily industry and shares valuable insights on the latest trends and innovations in digital marketing for multifamily.

Talisa Dever

Industry Principal, Asset Optimization, RealPage, Inc.

Talisa Dever currently serves as an Industry Principal for Data & Analytics solutions at RealPage. With degrees in Mathematics and Chemistry from Southern Methodist University, Talisa has always possessed a natural affinity for analytical thinking and data analysis. With over a decade of experience in the multifamily industry, she brings a comprehensive perspective to the utilization of data and analytics for optimizing property performance for clients.

 Having started her career at RealPage as an Analyst in Revenue Management, Talisa is no stranger to the company. She has also spent time on the client side, most recently as a Senior Revenue Manager for Lincoln Property Company, where she leveraged many of RealPage's solutions. This blend of experience equips her with a deep understanding of both the provider and client perspectives, allowing her to offer valuable insights and solutions to address complex challenges in the industry.

Lost in Translation: Decoding Multifamily Language

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Lost in Translation: Decoding Multifamily Language

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